• Thanks for the note! Since posting that picture it has been viewed more than any other post. I would like to write an article about Weredale House – please email me if you would like your recollections to be included.



      • Hey Ron, I lived in weredale during that period also. Your name rings a bell. Do you remember the big black councler nicknamed SNOWBALL?. A mean son of a bitch, my first day there I watched him and another guy beat the crap out a kid in the stairwell. Andy MacLean


    • Yep. I sure do know Snowball. And Lester the Molester the old man janitor.
      Who are guys to remember ? Kurt Douglas, jimmy Dumakis, Howard White , the Dillion brothers. ???


      • My room was next door to the ellis twins and I roomed with a guy named krakow or something like that, he was related to the ellis twins. I ran away from there just after the twins brother gogo was shot and killed down in the point



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