Snow Day – Westmount Park

For some reason, March always brings a final snow storm before the end of winter. This month was no exception – only dog walkers braved the elements this evening. (Kudos to the City for their excellent job in clearing the park’s paths!)




Westmount Crows

Has anyone wondered why there are no longer any pigeons in Westmount Park?  (A municipal by-law forbids anyone feeding them).  It appears that their absence has been replaced by a multitude of crows.  In literary circles, a flock of crows is called a “murder” – animal biologists; however, call them a “flock”.

The past few early mornings I have been greeted with a multitude of their calls to one another  that start just before dawn. They are a fascinating bird – they can recognize people and will follow them (only them) if you offer food!




Westmount Park

We are fortunate to have this Victorian-era park located steps from our front door.

Following two days of snow – it was covered in a white blanket during our evening walk.

Those that have dogs can disconnect, for a (well needed)  period of time, from the world’s events!



Westmount Badges

Do you remember these?

In the past, the city designed and distributed badges during their annual Family Day and Winter Carnival festivities.

I recall Beverly Adams, a former member of the Sports and Recreation Department, was responsible for involving local children in their design.

This is a sample of our collection:





Westmount Park

A (very) chilly walk through the park this evening.  The city had their 34th annual Winter Carnival today – sleigh rides, free hot dogs and maple taffy in the snow. In the past, the city would design lovely badges (with pins) for those attending this event. (I have a box full of these dating back to the 1980s  when our daughter was small).  I am sure for safety (and legal) reasons that tradtion has been discontinued.  How did we ever manage to grow up safely in the 1950 and 1960s!